Give Your Website That “WOW” Effect With Custom Photography

Custom photography

Let’s create that “WOW” effect.

Nowadays, almost every website uses Stock Photos instead of custom photography. A company can purchase photography packages to get their website off the ground running fast, however often times these options can get pricey.

There’s a very thin line when using stock photos. First off, it must be Royalty Free.

This is where the process can get tricky for non-designers. To avoid the headache of purchasing packaged photos, which someone already uses on their website, ask your web designer if they have a photographer.

In a world where standing out is critical, showcasing pictures of your actual company will make a huge difference on multiple levels. Most importantly, this exemplifies your level of investment in the business.

A photo says a thousand words, but it is saying your company? Does it have the exact look and feel of your office staff or the services you provide? Of course not. Our brains process images 60,000x faster than text, making it so critical to have the right photographs for your website.

You want images to help tell your story…and most packages only have a number of photographed people that might fit your message. Most of the photography packages you would purchase include a sample businessman or woman smiling or posing in a way that looks completely unnatural. That’s the last thing I would recommend for a company that wants to set them apart.

  • Where do I find a photographer?
  • How expensive is the service?
  • Should I download the photos instead?

It’s totally natural to have a lot of questions during this stage of preparation. That’s why I advise working with a designer who can walk you through step-by-step and save you time worrying about violating any rules.

We are proud to offer full website development AND on-site photography to ensure your online presence stands out with custom photography. What better way to sell your company’s product or service than to showcase them with beautiful photography. Can Shutter Stock do that?

Also, this is an excellent package if you’re looking to enhance your social media plan and update your marketing materials. Need help with a social media plan or new marketing materials? No problem!

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“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”— Robert Frank

Photograph by Kate Creative Media LLC. Not for sale or reuse.