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Kate started behind the scenes on small web hosting projects for local businesses in Rhode Island and quickly became a go-to professional for website solutions. She has worked with all of the major web hosting companies, and helped locals bring their business back online. 

Designing a website for any business can easily become overwhelming, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the process. From web hosting, security and design, many times the most important pieces of your website, like your security, are overlooked.  

She holds workshops called WEB TALKS in Canton, MA to assist business owners on how to market their company online correctly in the modern tech environment. 

In 2019, Kate was named among the “Most Influential Entrepreneurs of 2019 As Compared to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos on Yahoo Finance and Nasdaq. She recently appreared as a featured guest on Radio Entrepreneurs in Natick, MA. 

On time and modern designs

Kate Creative Media is a Canton, MA based company that creates high-end customized websites that can be paired with a detailed digital marketing plan. Kate sits down with each business to discuss their 3-5 year business plan to properly design the right website for them. 
KCM gives clients a tailored package, because web design and marketing is not a one step process, nor a one-size fits all solution. We all know online visibility tends to be difficult, especially in today’s market. That’s why all of KCM’s designs include a site that is mobile and tablet responsive and include Google, Bing and Yahoo friendly search capabilities. KCM continues to improve websites for businesses in any industryis it time to upgrade your website? 

Kate offers 1 hour live Zoom website trainings for businesses looking to gain control of their website. 

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