At Kate Creative Media, we share a very flexible yet effective process with our partners, building ground-breaking products that take their business from zero to one-hundred in less than
two months.

Take A Look Into Our Journey.

We are a team of innovators, pioneers, and trailblazers that build amazing products for not only you but for the future of the web. We use a five-step process along with a handful of advanced and modern technology that ensures your project is in the best hands possible.

Our journey lays out the steps that we take to bring your project to success, the tools that we use, and what's coming for Kate Creative Media in the future.

Our Process

We like to make our partners feel at home while working with us. We use a simple five step process.

Step 1: Consult

Step 2: Prepare

Step 3: Develop

Step 4: Design

Step 5: Analysis

Step 6: Launch

Let's Consult

We love meeting our partners in person! After getting in contact with us for your new project, we typically meet up with our partners to talk about their project in a more insightful way. In this meeting we dive in deep to understand the ins and outs of your project.

Prepare (Take Your Ideas To the Next Level!)


We send out a form to new partners so we can keep your project ideas on file to work off of.

Insight Tools


We outline hundreds of tasks from the start of your project to the end of your project.

Project Management Tools


We sketch out wireframes before starting the project and send them out to our partner for approval.

Wireframing Tools


We make sure to build the real back-end functionality before designing the front-end of the project. We like our functionality to be ready and then we throw a nice coating over it.


Exception Monitoring

Performance Monitoring

Code Reviews

Team Programming


Version Control

Payment Processing

Package Managers

Visual Elements

After developing the software in the back of the project, we take our artist skills very serious and create beautiful front-end designs.



(If you built a website) We scan and measure your website on muliple platforms to ensure the highest quality.

Usability Testing

We test your project over multiple platforms, search engines, throughout our whole team and more.


It's time to launch! We set you up for success with a smooth and painless opening.

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